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Collaborative Projects

Best things are achieved in unity with other like minded people. I love working on projects like round robins, where everyone comes up with their own journal or altered book and sends it off on the way to another artist for them to work in it, and so on until one day it makes its way back to you. In the meantime you get to play in someone else's sandbox and make something fun you may not have considered when working on your own. I love having the deadline to work against, although sometimes it's hard to get the project done on time!

Magical Mystery Tour Journal

This project was started in June of 2008 and finished in March of 2009, involving seven artists: Cordelia Standskov, Celeste Douville, Gwen Delmore, Michelle Geller, Andrea Peterson, Kristie LaRose and me. Each journal had it's own theme: Inspiration, Fuzzy Monster, Mermaid, Graffiti (and I seem to have not recorded any artwork I did for two other journals.....). I continue to bring this journal with me to Artfest to let other artists work in the blank pages.


I Magical Mystery Tour Pg2-3Fuzzy Monster Journal spread 1Fuzzy Monster Journal spread 2Inspiration Journal page by Dianne Forrest TrautmannAndrea's Journal. Page by Dianne Forrest TrautmannGrafitti Journal pg1Grafitti Journal page 2 by Dianne Forrest Trautmann


The Story of Me

This project was started in June of 2010 and finished in October 2010, involving seven artists: Barbara Saint Jacques, Carol Moore, Johnna Edmonson, Lore Caldwell, Terry Pitzel, Carberry Neal, and me.The idea was to alter a book and contribute artwork that would tell the story of yourself to the other artists in the project. I do not have many scans of the work I did but here are some of the pages I did in the exchange.

My Story-Terry's Book. Page 1 by Dianne Forrest TrautmannMy Story-Terry's Journal. Page 2 by Dianne Forrest TrautmannRabbit by Dianne Forrest Trautmann for the My Story collaborative project.Book exchange- my story. Page by Dianne Forrest Trautmann