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Dianne Forrest Trautmann

Dianne has a degree in Graphic Communications from Bethany College (Bethany, WV). She has worked in radio and other small companies doing marketing and public relations. Newsletter redesign and working with websites and press releases have been her primary career focus. Mixed media art jornaling is her passion, as well as writing fiction and blogging about art and creative inspiration. Learning is also a lifelong passion, and she is currently learning to speak/read Irish Gaelic. Dianne is married and has two children who have both decided to pursue careers in art.


Cailean is a Scottish Terrier, born in July of 2000. She is very smart and excels in being very cute, mouse catching, and guarding her human family. Her name is Gaelic (from the old Irish cuilen (fada over the e): pup, cub, kitten). She enjoys her morning walk, sleeping, traveling and keeping her friend Dianne company.